What Happened to Anna by Jennifer Robins

July 16, 2010 Reviews 0

From reading the synopsis of What Happened to Anna I thought it had real promise, and looked forward to reading it. Sadly What Happened to Anna did not live up to my expectations.

Some try to protect those they love…even after death.
Upon moving into a restored turn-of-the-century house, Andrea and John discover they aren’t the only occupants. Not only is their new home haunted by the ghost of a woman, but a demon from another dimension who wants to seduce the new female owner.
After Andrea finds a photo of Anna — their resident ghost — she begins to relive Anna’s life through dreams and waking visions, falling prey to the handsome demon lover who, it seems, will do anything and everything to stop her from answering one burning question:
What happened to Anna?

What Happened to Anna could have been a wonderful mystery but the structure of the story was choppy and not written well. I felt that What Happened to Anna jumped around, and added in things that didn’t play into the story line. There are times throughout What Happened to Anna that the story just falls flat, if it wasn’t for those part I think What Happened to Anna could have been an enjoyable read.

One part of What Happened to Anna that I liked was Andrea reliving Anna’s life through her dreams and her falling prey to the demon that haunted her house. It was an interesting twist.
I normally am not one to have to force myself to read something but honestly I stuck with What Happened to Anna to find out what happened to her. I can say that even with the choppy plot, What Happened to Anna had enough mystery to keep me reading it.

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