Worlds Apart by Stepehn B. Pearl

July 14, 2013 Reviews 0

Worlds Apart by Stephen B. Pearl is not a book for everyone. There were certain aspects of the story that I enjoyed, however there was more to it that I did not enjoy. World Apart had a good love story weaved into it however it was just not my cup of tea.

Alcina fell for the wrong guy and now she is paying for it. He is trying to rip her world apart by taking their son from here. All of it stems from the fact that they broke up and the fact that she is Wiccan. He says that she is possessed by the devil and that he will do everything to keep his son from her influence. Court date after court date has left her pretty much penniless and she is at her wit’s end when she prays to the gods and Markus magically appears before her speaking a language she does not understand. When they are able to communicate he asks for her help in restoring his world. While in the process of working together she finds that their relationship is mutually beneficial. What she had not counted on was falling for this man from another world. She resist because it could never work because he plans to go back to his world. When her son also becomes attached to Markus she is finding it harder to resist him. Can they figure out a way to be together? Can they find a solution to both their problems in the midst of their growing attraction?

Markus’s parents died when he was young. Ever since then he has tried to figure out a way to stop the source of their death. There are pockets of chaotic magic that are random and kills everything in it’s path. As an adult he has studied forbidden things to try to find the “cure”. What he has discovered is that he has to travel to another world to find the solution. When he does he knows he runs the chance of being arrested on his return for being a traitor. This is a risk he is willing to take. When he shows up on the other world he is disappointed when he realizes the magic on this world is nearly depleted. He is not sure he will be able to heal his world. With the help of Alcina he works towards finding the cure. When he falls for her and her son he finds he is willing to do anything for them. He has lost his heart and is now torn between worlds. Can they make it work? Or will he go home unable to return to her?

I did not really enjoy Worlds Apart the way I would have liked. I just could not find any common ground nor could I identify with the characters or storyline. I did like the love story between Markus and Alcina but that is the only aspect that really kept me reading. I wanted to know what happened between the two of them. I personally would not recommend Worlds Apart to any of my friends, however if you are looking for worlds full of magic and witches from other worlds this is the book for you.

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