Seduction’s Stakes is full of unforgettable characters, and an amazing love story. The story between Riley and Maddie is amazing, and like a fairy tale come true.

McCleery Racing didn’t become a Thoroughbred racing powerhouse by betting on longshots. Maddie McCleery made it a multi-million dollar player through hard work, logical decisions, and a commitment to never involve herself with men who lived on the sport of kings. But when she sets her sights on a two-year-old colt her rival owns, she never imagines the lengths she’ll go to, to bring the future champion home.
Riley Jennings wants unobtainable Maddie almost more than the Triple Crown. After his Kentucky Derby win, however, he sees a way to sure-fire victory. His proposed wager stacks the odds in his favor – if her horse wins the Preakness, he’ll accept her terms. If his horse comes in first, they’ll negotiate his way.
When the dust settles on the wire, will love claim final victory, or will unexpected tragedy stop them in the gates?

Maddie is a wonderful character, she is an intelligent businesswomen. Now that the Thoroughbred business was been passed down to her, she is determined to make sure it is as successful as it was with her father. She feels that one way to make it successful is not to involve herself with a man who works in the industry, at least until Riley comes into her life.

Riley, another Thoroughbred owner, will do anything to have Maddie in his life. I loved Riley. He had is mind set on Maddie, and he found a way to get it. He was strong and sexy. Riley and Maddie are wonderful main characters, and play well of each other. They will have you drawn into the story from the very beginning.

I know nothing about horse, and horse racing, but Seduction’s Stakes does a wonderful job at bringing it all alive for the reader. Seduction Stakes gives the reader an intimate look at horse racing and The Kentucky Derby. You can truly feel Claire’s passion for horses, as though it was your own in Seduction’s Stakes.

Seduction’s Stakes was funny, witty, and emotional, and I loved every moment of it. Claire is a talented author that brings the characters alive, and you will want the couple to succeed. If you love romance novels, even if you know nothing about horses Seduction’s Stakes is for you. The chemistry between Maddie and Riley is unbelievably hot.