Silver Bells by Dahlia RoseSilver Bells by Dahlia Rose
Series: Reindeer Games
Published by Other Genres: Romance
Pages: 43
Format: eBook
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You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

The song grated on his nerves every time someone hummed it. But what could he expect, being named Danny Grinch and living in Christmas Town U.S.A.? Being the wood craftsman and the creator of Unique Toys didn’t help matters. He was the go to guy for crafted toys around the holidays and while everyone else were enjoying the season. He worked up till Christmas Eve to fill orders.

But maybe this year would be different with his new shop helper, Tia Davis. With skin like cappuccino and a silver streak in her hair, she came in to the shop each morning with a cup of hot chocolate and a smile just for him. Danny felt his attraction grow with each passing day and vowed to make Tia his naughty little elf. Especially after their first kiss, he saw another side of Tia that wasn’t just cheerful. She was wickedly arousing -- and damn if he didn’t want more.

Silver Bells by Dahlia Rose is a sweet Christmas romance. It is a part of the Reindeer Games series. I really enjoyed Danny and Tia’s story. In fact it is my favorite in the series so far. I liked that there were other aspects to their story other than just being all about the romance between the two. It was an emotional and heartwarming story. I will definitely be searching for her other books to read.

Danny doesn’t really like Christmas because to him it represents a part of his life that he would rather forget. The funny thing is he owns a toy shop and he has to deck it out for Christmas each year. He is known as the Grinch to the all the locals. Tia loves Christmas and is very cheery about it each year. She loves to decorate her home and her tree. She even loves singing Christmas carols. She has been crushing on Danny for a while now and has even been flirting with him to let him know, but he doesn’t seem to notice her. That is until she goes on a date with one of her neighbor friends. Life couldn’t be better once they start dating but both of their pasts are about to knock on their door. Will their past ruin their future? Or will the two of them find the courage and strength to move on together?

I loved Silver Bells. It was a great quick read that I would recommend to all who enjoy Christmas romances. I liked that we got to hear some of Danny and Tia’s backstory. I think that quickies and novellas often miss this and it is something that enriches a story greatly. I loved Danny and how he evolved throughout the story. He was a strong character and I liked that he owned the toy store. I liked Tia as well. She was a perfect match for Danny and was able to bring out a side in him that he could have never imagined. I found Sweet Silver Bells to be endearing and it pulled on my heartstrings.