Last night I came up with a great idea to take all the 5 heart reviews and create a poll, to narrow it down to one book. You will be given 72 hours to vote on your favorite book. The book that wins will be our Sizzling Read for that month. The book will be showcased for the month.
The author who wins the Sizzling Read of the Month can place the badge of honor on their website. (See badge at the top).
Ways Sizzling Hot Books will spotlight the Sizzling Read of the Month…
* There will be a special place on the right hand side with a picture of the book, and link to review
* A special page, Sizzling Reads of the Month which will also show all the books of the month for the year.
* Author bio with a list of their books and reviews
* Interview if the author is willing to do it sometime that month (this might be limited because of the time issue)
* Interesting facts on the author (either supplied by the author, or found via the web)
* Possible giveaways
* Excerpt of the book (with authors permission)