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Sky of Dreams by Jenna JacobSky of Dreams by Jenna Jacob
Series: Passionate Hearts Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 284
Format: eBook
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Kaitlin Grant lost her spine. She isn’t a slug—but her abusive ex-lover and business partner is. Broken and bruised, she escapes to the safe haven of Connor, Iowa, to resurrect her self-confidence. But Kaitlin doesn’t anticipate the potent electricity still sizzling between her and Sky Whitefeather—the swarthy Native American man she left years ago.

Returning home from Iraq with a daughter and an unforgivable secret, Sky tries to bury the past, until Katie—the girl who annihilated his heart, returns to town. The irresistible woman stirs up emotions he longs to forget and rekindles desires that might burn him alive.

Can new love grow from the ashes of their past, or will a trail of death and betrayal destroy their dreams?

I absolutely love Jenna Jacob. She is an amazing writer and I have loved each and every book that she has written. Therefore when I saw that she had written a book in a new series, I ran straight to my e-reader to start reading Sky of Dreams. And once again Ms. Jacob showcased her brilliant ability to write with so much emotion and heart. I cried and I laughed, sometimes at the same time.

Sky of Dreams tackled a very difficult subject, domestic abuse, so please be aware of this if you have any triggers. I myself am a survivor of domestic abuse so Sky of Dreams was often very difficult for me to read and sometimes I had to put it down and walk away for a bit. But that just proved to me how amazing Ms. Jacob is because she was able to write a story that pulled me into the story so completely that the characters’ pain was my own. Their fears were my fears. Their sadness broke my heart.

Sky of Dreams took me on an emotional ride filled with super highs and super lows. The characters became real to me. Both Sky and Kaitlin were relatable and I immediately found myself cheering them on hoping to settle their problems and find their happy ending. Both Kaitlin and Sky are damaged, though not broken. Their journey to happiness was not easy, but together they were able to heal and learn to love again.

The story flowed naturally and easily making it easy to read. There was passion and intrigue on every page keeping my attention glued to the story. Through Kaitlin, Ms. Jacob brilliantly showcased the pain and doubt and guilt that a survivor of domestic abuse feels. The confusion they feel wondering how this happened to them. The shock they feel thinking that they were too smart and strong to ever have this happen to them. And the embarrassment they feel about having allowed themselves to be in this position.

Sky of Dreams is the first book in the Passionate Heart series and it is a definite must read. Ms. Jacob has once again written a gripping tale that tugged at my heart. I don’t know how she does it every time. I am just grateful that she does. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.