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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Snowbound by Ravenna TateSnowbound by Ravenna Tate
Published by Evernight Publishing on January 6, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Pages: 43
Format: eBook
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Nina Santangeles is lost in a blizzard as the roads become more treacherous and nightfall looms. She spots a light and knocks on the door of the house, but can’t believe who answers.

She has two unpleasant choices.

Freeze to death in her car, or wait out the storm with Cameron Easton and Alex Gable, the two men who seduced her, and then trashed her career three years ago.

Snowbound is about Nina Santangeles. She is going to her parents’ new house for a New Year’s Eve Party. She has hit rock bottom and trying to face her family. She had one night of heaven with two men she worked with.  She loved her job and was shocked to find out they had seduced her and cut her out of a deal they were all working on. She had quit the job and moved to Chicago. There she met Matt. She thought he was the one but like the previous gentlemen he was not. He was already married and had kids. Her family knows all about her ex and she doesn’t know if she can face them. On the way to her parents she winds up in the middle of a huge snow storm and her GPS won’t work. She is lost and can’t see where she is going. She sees a house with a light down a lane and she decides to stop to ask for help. Little does she know Alex and Cameron are in that house?  The men she had a hot night with and also had betrayed her.

Alex Gable and Cameron Easton were too handsome men. Alex had initially gone out with Nina on several dates before they decided to all go out together. They had talked her into having a threesome and she discovered the next day they had cut her out of the deal they had been working on. Alex and Cameron had never had a chance to explain to Nina because she quit that day. They didn’t know where to look for her and wished they could have found her.

Nina goes to the house and rings the doorbell. Who answers the door but Cameron?? She is dumbfounded and then learns Alex is there also. They invite her in and because of the snow she winds up staying. This is the chance Alex and Cameron had waited for. They can actually let her know what happened with the deal. They also confess that they want her to move in with them. It is an unconditional relationship but she is considering it. Will she believe their story and give the three of them a chance?? Will she go to work for them?? Yes they have started their own business. You will have to read on to find out the answers and more.

I liked this book. It was attention getting and a fast read. This story was very short but I do like the action in the beginning of the book to get my attention and keep it throughout the story. I liked that Alex and Cameron got their second chance to explain to Nina what really happened. Also I liked that Nina got her second chance at love. Also to work with the men she loved doing what she loves.

I recommend this book.