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Edge of the Past by Jennifer Comeaux

16 Feb

Edge of the Past was the sequel to the young adult, contemporary novel Life on the Edge, by Jennifer Comeaux. It took me a while to get around to reading it due to a full  review schedule, but when I did, I found it to be almost impossible to put down! I was so much more engrossed in this book [...]

Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux

9 Jan

A forbidden love and the world of ice skating intermingle beautifully in the novel Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux. I really wasn’t sure if  I was going to like this clean, contemporary YA novel because honestly … I like my YA’s with a bit more edge to them. But I stuck through it, and soon realized that I [...]

The Unexpected Choice by Stephanie Taylor

6 Jan

Sometimes, The Unexpected Choices in life are the best kind of choices to have. And Stephanie Taylor does an excellent job portraying that idea in her novel The Unexpected Choice.  Joey McCrary needs a wife and someone to help him raise his daughter after he made some poor choices in college.  Stacey has always been [...]

Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond by Bonnie Gardner

12 Dec

Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond by Bonnie Gardner was a story filled with unexpected love, and some very take charge of the situations, ghosts. With a premise this promising, I was really excited to read this novel. Unfortunately though, Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond kind of fell short to me in the end. When Corrie Wallace turns her family’s old [...]

Innocent Tears by Iris Blobel

20 Nov

Innocent Tears by Iris Blobel is a poignant romance full of heartwarming moments that will stay with the reader after the story is done. I enjoyed reading every word of Innocent Tears and will read it again in the future. Innocent Tears was not easy to put down and I can’t say enough about it. [...]

Falsify by Kerri Nelson

7 Nov

In a journey of self discovery and first love, fifteen year old Tina Tolliver had quite the summer experience in the novella Falsify, by Kerri Nelson. And as a fan of all books young adult, I was quick to jump on board with all her teenage drama. After one too many tangles with trouble, fifteen-year-old Tina Tolliver has been sentenced to spend [...]

Three’s a Crowd by Margaret Pearce

15 Oct

Three’s a Crowd was a cute young adult book written by author Margaret Pearce. It’s geared towards a slightly younger crowd, but it was still enjoyable. The premise of Three’s a Crowd took me back to a time when the only drama you had in life was worrying about how exactly you were going to impress the boy you are crushing on. Amanda has great plans [...]

Heartfelt by Kay Springsteen

17 Sep

Heartfelt is a perfect way to describe this tale. The story that began on a North Carolina beach with a blind marine, a divorced mother, and a child with Down syndrome continues as the young family struggles to adapt to a new addition. Now eight months pregnant, Trish worries about her baby, her daughter, and [...]

Savage Winter by Rachel Van Dyken

24 Jul

Savage Winter, by Rachel Van Dyken, is a beautifully written dystopian tale with an almost regal quality to it. It’s also the first in a new series entitled the Seasons of Paleo. I love stories with a fantasy element to them and this author sure knows how to spin a tale with just that quality. If [...]

Believe by Liz Botts

17 Jul

Virginia has been given a daunting task that she must accomplish or chance losing Christmas. She is the eldest daughter of the current Santa Claus and because she has no brothers, it is up to her to marry the next Santa. Apparently, she must convince, the son of Father Winter, to marry her. She doesn’t [...]