The dragonsJustin is a dragon shifter.  Wells is his knight, prisoner and lover.  The Dragon and his Knights have been together for centuries.   Wells looked into the dragon’s eyes and was mesmerized.  He has not regretted it one bit.  The only thing that Wells wants is something Justin will not give him.  Justin refuses to make love to him in his dragon form.

What does it feel like to belong to someone else? Body,  mind, even soul? And what if the man who owns you is a dragon shifter with  magic and immortality? For Wells, it means a thousand years of love, laced with  danger, desire, and the freedom of the sky on Justin’s back. But what happens when that bond is suddenly wrenched apart?

Justin is tall dark and dangerous.  In dragon form he is even more formidable.  To Wells it makes him even more desirable.  Making love to him as a dragon is something Justin refuses.  He says it will hurt Wells. Wells doesn’t care, he wants desperately to feel his weight over him.  From the first moment Wells saw Justin he had to have him.  He surrendered to Justin rather than swing his sword.  Wells thinks being Justin’s prisoner is the best thing in the world.

They moved to America and have not really paid attention to the passing of time.  Taking college classes to learn more about what is going on in the world, they run up against a woman who knows about dragons and tries to save Wells.  You know the only way to do that is if Justin dies.

This is a short synopsis and in no way does justice to The Dragon and his Knights.   The Dragon and his Knights is very entertaining and well written.  I immediately got hooked on The Dragon and his Knights and enjoyed it to the end.  Passion and love resonate through The Dragon and his Knights.  The descriptions bring the characters to life giving a slice of Justin’s and Wells’ life together.