The Finest Line has to have one of the most twisted story lines I have read in a long time, and I mean that in a very good way.The Finest Line starts with action and ends with more as Mairead faces her personal demons and encounters more trouble than she could have ever imagined.

When potential Olympic gymnast, Mairead Kavanagh wakes up in an Australian hospital after a drug and alcohol binge, her ordeal has only begun. The police are waiting to interview her over the death of her friend Joshua Mason who has plunged to his death from the balcony on which she was found. Frightened and a long way from her home in New Zealand, she has no one to turn to until the arrival of the one man who has intimidated and infatuated her more than any other. James Vaughn has been her chauffeur and body guard for five years and the only person who has been able to subdue her. An ex soldier of the British Army, James is composed and disciplined, unlike his boss’s daughter who seeks constant excitement which sometimes can prove dangerous. Forced together until he can get her home, the barriers of their relationship begin to break down. Mairead fears her attraction to him stems from the strange desires that she has fought to suppress. As their relationship blooms, her happiness is short lived with the arrival of another man who knows a terrible secret about Mairead. Now she must choose between two men, one whom she loves and the other who can destroy her life.

Mairead is a gymnast with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has a lot of confidence and not a lot of finesse. When she goes on a partying binge she doesn’t even being to comprehend how it might change her life. Who might see her. Who might blackmail her. There are so many possibilities that she hasn’t considered but her life will be changed forever. Mairead is a difficult character to like at times, but just when you want to hate her, she does something so spectacular that your change your mind and you just have to keep reading to see what she will do next.

Now, there are men in Maireads life that want to love her, hurt her, protect her, and more. She has some difficult decisions to make as Mark enters her life and can give her the money and style of life she is accustomed to. James has been a part of her life for years, and while she fantasizes about him, she sees him as her protector and mostly an interference in her life since he treats her like a little girl. There are things to love and hate about each of these men and others who come in and out of Maireads life. In the end she has some tough decisions to make and won’t always make the best one.

The Finest Line has a lot of twists and turns as you make your way with Mairead through many trials and tribulations of choices. We all have choices in our lives and while we may never have the same choices Mairead does, her story is fascinating and won’t let you go even when you read the last page. The Finest Line is a new novel by a new author that now has a new fan! I can’t wait to see what else Catherine Taylor has up her sleeve to share with us. Fair warning, The Finest Line does have some abusive situations, some BDSM, romance and suspense. If you are looking for a story that really has it all, don’t miss The Finest Line.