The Games Trilogy by J.E. TaylorThe Games by J.E. Taylor
Series: Survival Games 1-3
Published by Other Genres: Dark Erotica, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Pages: 881
Format: eBook
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he Games Trilogy...Survival Games, Mind Games & End Game.

Intensely disturbing. Beautifully horrific. Undescribably intense. Gruesome and gory.

You can't help but get caught up in this series.


Until he snatches sexy stock jock Jessica Connor, Ty Aris happily followed his stepbrother's orders, producing some of the most coveted black market porn and snuff films on the street. But the day he grabs her in the parking lot, his life becomes a living nightmare.

Jessica foils his plans, fires his passion, and frustrates the hell out of him. She never gives in to his demands, his pleas, or his desires, and yet a psychic bond claims his soul and melts the iron walls around his heart. His obsession sparks a fierce rift when Frank wants to start filming. Ty stalls with any and every excuse in the book, fueling Frank's fury, but he knows it's only a matter of time before he loses this game.

With the clock ticking, he scrambles for escape options.

Options that won't land him in jail... or worse... a captive in Frank's sadistic prison.

MIND GAMES (Book 2):

Chris Ryan doesn't understand why he's alive. By all accounts he should have died in the prison he and his step-brother created. Dying screams and the ring of gunshots still haunt his dreams and to make matters worse, five years hasn't erased his passion for Jessica Connor.

She left him bleeding on the cold concrete floor, escaping the prison that held her for close to a year. Semi-conscious and close to death, his gaze fell on an apparition of her son and white light filled his skin, healing his wounds and giving him a second chance... and to this day that power still rages within him.

Haunting visions of her daughter's death drive him out of hiding and he shows up at her doorstep with the intent of giving her the power he safeguarded all these years. But his good intentions fall short when they realize he led the vengeful spirit of his step-brother straight to her.

Cancer is no longer their biggest worry, now Chris and Jessica must battle a ghost hell bent on destroying all of them.

END GAME (Book 3):

Chris Ryan has everything he's ever dreamed of: the love of a beautiful woman, two amazing children, an obscene amount of money and mystical powers beyond his wildest dreams.

His perfectly planned Valentine's Day proposal hits a speed bump when Jessica receives a call from her ex-husband and agrees to attend the premier of his movie in New York City. A movie Chris isn't so sure he wants to see, especially on the same night as his wedding.

Sharing the spotlight with her ex becomes the least of his concerns when three thousand miles away on the sunny coast of California, a scorned woman activates a contract on Jessica.

He lands in the cross hairs between an endless trail of assassins and his wife, fending them off and vowing revenge on the crazy bitch who set them loose. But his valiant efforts crumble in a near fatal hit, leaving him on the brink.

In the dark plane between life and death, Chris is given a choice: Save his family or save his soul.

*Warning: The Games Series is for sale to Adult Audiences Only. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes, graphic language, and violence that may be considered offensive by some readers.

The Games Trilogy by J.E. Taylor is a dark and disturbing romance with lots of different twists that the reader doesn’t expect. I found it to be intriguing and I couldn’t put it down. This isn’t my normal genre but I did end up enjoying the books in the trilogy. The Game Trilogy is Ty and Jessica’s story. It takes you from the twisted beginning of their relationship through all the perils, traps, spirits, and other crazy obstacles that are on their path to happiness. I have never read this author before but I will be looking into her other books and series.

In Survival Games (book 1) Jessica is happily married and happy with her life. She loves her husband and kids and wouldn’t change them for the world. Then her life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and held in a hellish place. To the world outside she is dead. Only one person knows she’s alive and her son and nobody believes him. She is being tortured and used by her captors but she won’t give any of them what they want. Ty, one of her captors, is one that is intriguing to her but he also wants her full submission and love. These are things she is unwilling to give him. She must find a way out before they kill her. Will the relationship between her and Ty be her salvation? Or will it end up being their detriment?

In Mind Games (book 2) Jessica’s life has taken a drastic turn since her ordeal. She is divorced and remarried. She loves her husband but she can’t shake the memory of Chris and all that happened to her during her captivity. When Chris shows up on her doorstep it causes strain on her marriage. On top of that she is being haunted by the sadistic man she had to kill to gain her freedom, and he is hell bent on revenge and will stop at nothing to achieve it. When her kids’ lives are in danger she and Chris will stop at nothing to defeat the spirit of the man who tortured them both. Will her marriage survive? Will they be able to save her children’s lives? Will she survive the latest attack on her life? Or will this new threat spell disaster for her and Chris?

In End Game (book 3) Jessica and Chris face a whole new threat. Her ex-husband’s wife has always been jealous of her and has always wanted her out of the picture. When he tells her he is filing for divorce she activates a contract on her head. Chris and Jessica are doing everything they can to keep her alive and to keep their children safe. Things are going ok until she is kidnapped once again and Chris is left for dead. He must make an irreversible decision about his life, family, and soul. Will it make a difference in the end? Or will he find the sacrifice he must make end up being his worst decision yet? Will they survive the final assault on their lives and sanity? Will they finally find their happily ever after?

The Games Trilogy is a great trilogy that will keep the reader turning the pages. I liked the main characters they were beautifully flawed, however there were things that I just didn’t understand about them. I could not relate to them on a personal level but was still able to enjoy different aspects of their personalities. I liked that Jessica was a strong character. She never gave up and she never gave in to what her captors and others wanted. I also liked that her and Chris were perfect for each other despite their precarious and ominous beginning. The Games Trilogy is certainly not for everyone due to the graphic nature and sexual deviant behavior within the pages. If you like dark and or disturbing romances full of crazy twists and turns I would recommend The Games Trilogy.