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To Be A Man by Laura Beth PetersTo Be A Man by Laura Beth Peters
Published by Other Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 93
Format: eBook
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Demetrius Gallo is a broken man. Can a woman just as broken fix him?

Demetrius Gallo is a former race car driver, so it's a painful stroke of irony when a car accident leaves him helpless to care for himself. Always a man who had to be in control, he's frustrated by his circumstances. His frustration is only compounded when his brother hires a beautiful woman to be his home health aide, to be a witness to his frailty.

Demetrius knows he's a difficult patient. He refuses to accept his limitations, yet he flounders in the fear that he will never be a whole man again. Demetrius needs to feel like a man, needs to feel like he can still be the virile male he always presented to the world. He convinces his home health aide, Sutton, to share more than his recovery, to share his bed. With Sutton, Demetrius finds pleasure beyond anything he has ever known. But then it becomes something more.

When Sutton pulls away, Demetrius thinks she's in love with his younger brother Antonis. However, when pushed, Sutton reveals a past that is just as tangled in hurt and grief as his own. Can two broken people find happiness in each other? Do they even want to?

To Be A Man by Laura Beth Peters was an original book that intrigued me from the very first pages. I found myself reading the book in one sitting as I enjoyed the growing relationship between Demetrius and Sutton.

The reason that I found the book to be an original is because it was told from the hero’s point of view which is something I don’t often see. It was a nice change of pace to see the action from the male perspective and it allowed Sutton to remain somewhat of a mystery. It also enabled Sutton to keep a very big secret from the reader that had an impact on how she determined her self-worth which caused difficulties in accepting Demetrius’ love.

Demetrius was a fascinating character because of the emotional development that he went through. His immaturity at the beginning of the book made him somewhat unlikeable. But as he grew and learned, both as a result of his accident and his feelings for Sutton, his newfound maturity turned him into someone I could admire and respect. This transition, from boy to man, made his character believable and authentic.

It was hard to know what Sutton was thinking and feeling which made her intriguing. Not knowing why she was doing what she was doing, and wondering what her secret was, kept me turning the pages until I had my answers. The big reveal was interesting because of how it affected her and made her seem so human.

In her bio, Ms. Peters states that she “believes sex is so much more than physical touch between two people. It’s about attraction, it’s about desire, but, most important, it’s about the emotions that rule it all.” This was evident throughout her writing as she showcased the emotions that drove each character. I felt Demetrius’ pain and frustration as he dealt with his injuries. I felt Sutton’s confusion as she tried to first ignore her attraction then her growing love.

To Be A Man was my introduction to Laura Beth Peters and it was an impressive introduction. I look forward to reading more books from this talented author.