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Voodoo by Justus RouxVoodoo by Justus Roux
Series: Master of My Heart #1
Published by Self published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 196
Format: eBook
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When I arrived at the club Desnúdate I had no idea that my entire life was about to change. What started out as a strange gift from my best friend transformed everything about me. Looking over the list of Masters at the club one name stood out…the name he gave himself was Voodoo.

I had these desires that I couldn’t quite place. These dreams…these images…haunted my fantasies and now all of them were about to become reality. This man, who simply went by the name Voodoo, led me into this lifestyle. Voodoo, his name rolls off my tongue like silk. Voodoo, the man I would call…Master.

I was so excited to see that one of my favorite authors, Justus Roux, had a new book. Voodoo (Master of My Heart #1) was released on my birthday so it seemed like Ms. Roux had given me a present.  And what a terrific present it was.

Voodoo is the story of one woman’s journey into submission and one man’s struggle to find his perfect mate. Amanda had long been fascinated by Domination/submission but was hesitant to accept that part of herself. It wasn’t until her friend got her entrance into a BDSM club for her birthday that she finally decided to go for it. Taking the code name of Iris, she picks Voodoo as her potential master. With Voodoo’s help, she learns to embrace her submissive nature and in turn, she teaches Voodoo about love.

I have been a fan of Ms. Roux’s books for a long time. I have read her entire Masters series, as well as, some of her other books. I can honestly say that her writing and storytelling have never been better. Ms. Roux painted a very realistic picture of a woman struggling to accept her submissive desires in a world that might not understand or accept. I loved the environment Ms. Roux created at the club and in Voodoo and Iris’ relationship. She stressed the importance of communication in a BDSM relationship and showcased this by having the hero and heroine sit and discuss wants, needs and expectations prior to any session.

I absolutely loved the character of Voodoo and want to adopt him as my new book boyfriend. He is everything you would want and need in a master. He is warm, caring, patient and gorgeous. Even as he struggled with his own demons about love and permanent relationships, he never forgot about Iris and her needs and desires. He always made sure to put her first and was loving and patient as she worked through her own feelings about submission.

Iris is a character I can relate to. She was submissive to her Master without losing herself or her independent nature. She learned to accept her needs and in fact becomes a more confident woman as she embraced her natural desires. Iris still had moments of doubt and insecurity, but she wasn’t afraid to discuss this with her Master or other submissives. Once she made the decision to accept Voodoo as her Master, Iris committed herself completely. But you never got the feeling that she demeaned herself or became just a reflection of her Master.

The BDSM community described in Voodoo was supportive of Iris and Voodoo. I felt just as connected to the secondary characters as I did to the hero and heroine. The secondary characters showed the variety of individuals involved in this lifestyle and the different types of relationships they have. No one judged anyone for their choices and instead embraced each other as practically family.

If I had to find one problem with Voodoo, it would be that the ending felt a little rushed. There was an additional storyline of a stalker who was obsessed with Iris. The stalker poised a threat to Iris and Voodoo individually, as well as, their relationship. I enjoyed this part of the storyline as it forced Iris and Voodoo to face their feelings for each other and pushed their relationship forward. Yet the resolution of the situation was quick and I could guess how the whole thing would end. But this is a minor complaint and in no way detracts from this fantastic book.

Voodoo is the first in Ms. Roux’s Master of My Desire series. If Voodoo is any indication of the quality of this series, then I anxiously await the next installment. And while you are waiting, I recommend you go back and read some of Ms. Roux’s other books. At least you’ll be happy and occupied while you wait.