Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) is a different kind of vampire story. Lisa Rayns puts some unexpected twists into the characters that make Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) stand out among the crowded genre.

Three years ago, death blew out the candle in Alexis Hall’s life and left her devastated. Nothing could replace what she’d lost, not even the sexy stranger she awoke married to. Still, she finds it hard to ignore the dangerous sparks he triggers within her. She knows Bradley Cox took advantage of her. What she doesn’t know is he holds a secret that will change everything. But Bradley isn’t her only concern. In a moment of desperation to somehow reclaim what she had lost, Alexis made an offer to a vampire––free blood. Her blood. In a story of heartbreak and obsession, a simple ad changed Alexis’ life forever and on one fateful night her dreams and her nightmares will collide. Can she trust Bradley? Or is he her worst mistake? Can she retract her offer to the vampire? Or will she fall under his deceptive spell?

Alexis has been suffering from depression for far too long. One night she meets a handsome stranger and wakes up married to him. She can’t believe she did anything so impulsive and finds it even harder to believe that Bradley really wants to be married to her and this turn of events isn’t part of some sick joke the universe is playing on her. Thinking she needs to do something drastic she offers herself to a vampire but he tricks her too.

Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) is a story about Alexis, a woman who has lost all that she’s loved and now wants to lose herself. She doesn’t know who she can trust and things just seemed so out of control that she is willing to give up everything to be with those she’s lost. But, fate has other plans for her. Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) is a twisted story that makes the reader wonder what if.

Alexis and Bradley share a passion, but will he still love her after she makes some drastic decisions? Can Alexis break free of the vampire’s spell once she has given him her blood? There are so many twists to this plot that it will leave you guessing. Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) will get any reader thinking about life, death, and how to handle situations. Even if you are growing bored of the vampire genre, Wanted: Vampire (Free Blood) by Lisa Rayns is a breath of fresh air that you shouldn’t miss.