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Winning the Doctor’s Heart by Faith ParsonsWinning the Doctor's Heart Published by Other Genres: Historical Romace, Romance
Pages: 68
Format: eBook
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Doctor Daniel Murdock wants nothing more than to heal his patients and keep his younger brother Kenneth out of trouble. Raised by their aunt after their parents’ death, Daniel and Kenneth couldn’t be closer.

That’s what Daniel thinks. Until he discovers that Kenneth has a secret.

Orphan-turned-tutor Anne Schroeder has wanted to be a nurse her whole life. But when she loses a nursing school scholarship and her tutoring job in the same month, she’s left penniless and alone.

Her only choice? Spend the rest of her life cleaning up after rich folks, or accept a marriage proposal from a Texas man she knows only through letters.

Anne’s expectations are turned upside down when she arrives in Salvation the day before diphtheria strikes. Wedding ruined, unable to break quarantine, she throws herself into caring for the sick. It’s her calling to ease the suffering of her patients.

She sees that Daniel is suffering too, in a completely different way. As she fights by his side to save the townsfolk of Salvation, will Anne also win the fight to heal this doctor’s wounded heart?

Winning the Doctor's Heart is a clean, inspirational mail order bride romance. While this book is part of a series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book.

Love and Faith on the American Frontier: in this heartwarming series of clean romance stories, courageous men and their mail-order brides join together to make a new life on the Western frontier.

Winning the Doctor’s Heart by Faith Parsons is a wonderful historical romance. It is the third book in the Mail Order Brides of Salvation series. I have not read the previous installments in this series but this book can be read as a standalone book. I really enjoyed reading Winning the Doctor’s Heart. I loved Daniel and Anne’s story. I will definitely be looking or more books within this series and the author’s other series and books.

Anne hasn’t had the easiest life but her faith has always gotten her through. Now she finds herself without a job and without many options. She can either find a job as a maid rather than a tutor like her last job or she can take the train into Salvation, Texas and take a chance on being a mail order bride. She decides on the latter because there wasn’t much for her otherwise. All her hopes and dreams are tied up in the man she has been corresponding with for months. He seems to be a good man and she will have to trust that he is who he says he is and they will be a good match. When she arrives in Texas she isn’t greeted by the man he is supposed to marry but his aunt. When she learns of her the death of the man she was supposed to marry she has yet another hard choice to make. Does she go home or stay in Salvation and take up Daniel’s offer to help her find a new husband. When an epidemic hits Salvation she works right alongside the doctor helping him and his patients. The more time she spends working with him the more she falls for him. Could he be the man she will marry? At first he is aloof but he seems to be warming up to her little by little. Can she break down his barriers to find a place in his heart? Or will she find herself out in the cold again?

Daniel is the local doctor. He loves his job except for the patients he can’t help. When his brother ends up on his table and he can’t save him he is devastated. Before his brother’s death he asked him to marry his mail order bride in his place. He agreed to do it, even though he didn’t plan on following through with it, because he would do anything to make his brother’s passing easier. He may not intend on marrying her but he will help her find another husband or pay her way back home. When she arrives he is annoyed by her presence but all of that is about to change. The more she helps him with his patients the more she grows on him and the guiltier he feels because he is attracted to her. He shouldn’t feel that way towards the woman who was supposed to marry his brother. But he can’t help himself. The longer she is there working with him side by side the deeper his affections for her grow. Before too long he knows that he doesn’t want her to marry another man or to go back home. Does she feel the same way? What if she doesn’t? Can he handle it if the feelings are not reciprocated? He decides he must take the chance and tell her how he feels. Will it end in disaster? Or will his heart’s desire be fulfilled?

I really enjoyed Winning the Doctor’s Heart. I fell in love with the characters, town, and time period. I may not be able to identify with the whole mail order bride or arranged marriage scenarios but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. I really liked Anne because she was a tough lady. She didn’t melt under pressure or run at the slightest hint of adverse situations. She hung in there when a lot of others would have given up. She was also very compassionate and had integrity. I liked Daniel as well. I loved that he was a doctor and would do anything to help his patients. I could understand why he would want or need to stay distanced from Anne when she first showed up but I also like that he did warm up to her. Their story was a sweet one. I also liked Daniel’s aunt. She was a great woman as well. I would highly recommend Winning the Doctor’s Heart to anyone who enjoys a good historical romances that you won’t soon forget.