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Wrong Time for Love by Lola DrakeWrong Time for Love by Lola Drake
Published by Evernight Publishing Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 103
Format: eBook
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Cupid decides something drastic is needed to help the once burned career-focused Raina open herself up to love. Breaking all the rules, he takes her back in time to medieval Scotland to meet the ultimate alpha male and rekindle her confidence in relationships. He doesn’t plan for them to fall in love, but even Cupid can't control the passion that ensues.

The 13th century was a treacherous time, and any alpha male in that era accumulated dangerous enemies. Will Raina survive long enough to find the love of her life? Will she want that love to be her Scottish Laird or the mystery man Cupid promised her back home?

Wrong Time for Love by Lola Drake was a delightful little romp through time. I sat down to start the book and found myself finishing it in one setting, smiling throughout reading.

Raina is a modern woman with the typical problems most career women face today. She has spent so much time focusing on first her education, and then her career, that she has completely neglected her love live. It’s during a discussion with a co-worker Chris about her experiences with weak men that she expresses a desire to travel to a different time and place.

What Raina doesn’t realize is that Chris is actually Cupid who is trying to prove to Zeus that true love still exists. Before Raina realizes it, Cupid whisks her away to 13th century Scotland. Raina found herself in the middle of the raid. She is rescued by the handsome Laird Tristan. Tristan offers to take Raina and Chris to the local monastery. Not surprisingly, Raina and Tristan fall in love during the journey.

Ms. Drake certainly provided us with the ultimate alpha male in Tristan. The chemistry between the two sizzled from the pages. Their growing relationship was believable and enjoyable to follow. It was interesting to watch a modern woman try to work her way through the constraints of the past.

I was impressed with the obvious research that Ms. Drake did in order to accurately portray medieval Scotland. The details she included added authenticity to the book that kept me riveted from the moment Raina traveled through time.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick escape from your daily grind, then I suggest you pick up Wrong Time for Love. It will provide you a little bit of fun and enjoyment in your day.